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Substation Hardwares & Auxiliaries

We provide all kinds of hardware and auxiliaries including pantograph, substation hardware and auxiliary power supply systems which cater for the necessary energy for the operation of primary and secondary devices at the substation. Most of the auxiliary power systems are normally divided in two categories, namely the AC system and the DC system(s).

We are committed to provide quality products and services, which is ensured by continual improvement of our system, process, product & resources. Moreover, Mithila Dying and chemicals has tailored its services to meet and exceed client expectations in the sphere of any complex issues related to electrical engineering right from the conceptual stage to the final commissioning.

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YH10W5-220 220kV Station Polymer surge arrester/Composite Lightnin 132KV polymer surge arresters Ploymer Housed Surge Arrester 39-51KV
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YH5W5-36 Polymer-housed Surge Arrester YH5W5-30 Metal oxide zinc Surge Arrester YH10W5-15 Metal oxide zinc Surge Arrester