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Power Plants


Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant offered come in standard as well a custom design options and provide for efficient working support.

  • Allows for optimum heat energy conversion to electric power.
  • Process involves water being heated that changes into steam and support spinning of steam turbine.
  • Perfect choice for driving an electrical generator.
  • Thermal power generation plant is most conventional source of electric power.
  • Boiler support for developing steam for plant.
  • Option of bituminous coal, brown coal and peat as fuel of boiler.
  • Provide for enhanced thermal efficiency.
  • Overall efficiency of plant varies depending upon plant capacity.

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Steam Power Plant

Steam Power Plant offered can be conveniently installed anywhere near fuel & water supply and requires less construction space. Features:
  • Provides for less generation costs.
  • Makes use of heat energy generated from burning coal to produce electrical energy.
  • Suitable for producing large amounts of electrical energy.
  • Having large service life.
  • Construction parameters can also be customized as demanded by customers.
  • Provide for high efficiency based working.
  • Made available at competitive prices.

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